What a typical Wednesday night looks like…
6:00-6:30 – people start showing up and hanging out in the gym
6:30-6:55 – games/hanging out
6:55-7:20 – small groups
7:20-8:00 – Bible lesson
Our goal…
to grow from being an Unbeliever to a Believer to a Worker to a Disciple Maker!
We want to do that by equipping and encouraging you to:
PRAY for those who need Jesus!
SHARE the Good News of Jesus!
The GOSPEL (Good News) is:
God created us to be with Him
Our sins separate us from God.
Sins cannot be removed by good deeds.
Paying the price for sin, Jesus died and rose again.
Everyone who trusts in Jesus alone has eternal life.
Life with Jesus starts now and lasts FOREVER!
GROW in your relationship with Jesus!
We do this together in our small groups by developing spiritual HABITS. The HABITS are:
Hang time with God (reading the Bible, praying, worshipping).
Accountability partners.
Bible memorization.
Involvement in the church.
Tithing (giving).