Crying Out With You.

During this month, we are participating in the efforts of the OneCry Movement that is being encouraged by Life Action Ministries. We will be looking at passages from the Bible that teach the idea of “revival” and the work of God’s Spirit in the midst of His people. We will be having times of concentrated prayer in which we will ask God for His “refreshing” work to be accomplished in our lives at NBC. We will be asking and expecting God to send “the old-time power, the Pentecostal pow’r,” to the end “that sinners be converted and Thy name glorified!”

 In order for God to answer us in the manner that we desire, we will need to develop certain understandings and attitudes. A. W. Tozer can help us with some proper understanding. The following is from The Dangers of a Shallow Faith.

     “What we must remember is that only he who takes orders from Jesus Christ belongs to Him. The evangelical church is in the process of compromising this very thing and ignoring ‘thus saith the Lord.’ Yes, we want any benefits that Christ may confer upon us. We want His help, protection and guidance. We even get misty-eyed over His birth, life, death, teaching and example. The problem comes when we will not take orders from Him. Christ cannot save the one He cannot control. To claim to be saved while ignoring His commandments is to live in utter delusion.

     “All is not lost, however. Help is available. An awakening is possible. In one flash of spiritual intelligence, God can make a man or woman know, in the deepest meaning of the word, more that matters to his soul for eternity than can be learned in 10 years of hard study. Yet it is also true that long meditation on divine truth and the habit of obedience to such truths as are known are the necessary conditions before such a flash is given. The Holy Spirit will not illuminate an irresponsible soul; or if once, than never again. He requires that we live in accord with our higher privileges.” (Pp.35-36)

It all boils down to a “surrendered heart” and a “submissive attitude.” Let’s cry out for revival!